Still wondering if you can benefit from the BlueBRIDGE services? Here is the answer

BlueBRIDGE delivers tailor-made data management services operated through Virtual Research Environments, VREs.

What are VREs?


Are you from the Research Sector?

Collaborative data analytics, access, discovery, publication tools to speed up your research.

Are you a private/public organisation?

Use the BlueBRIDGE innovative data services to support the collaborative production of scientific knowledge...

Do you work in Education?

We can support educators in efficiently preparing platforms for practical experimentation in scientific courses.

Does BlueBRIDGE support the establishment of the European Open Science Cloud?

The recent Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, and the European Economic and Social Committee of the regions on the European Cloud Initiative - Building a competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe - calls for the establishment of a European Open Science Cloud that “makes it possible to move, share and re-use data seamlessly across global markets and borders, and among institutions and research disciplines”. BlueBRIDGE moves in this direction.



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If you are working on stock assessment models or you are a researcher or a scientist that needs computing capabilities, tools to harmonize different data sources, and facilities to easily share research results with...

Recently, the BlueBRIDGE website underwent a comprehensive revamp. Beside a graphic revamp, the new website offers new sections that can help users to gain a better understanding of all that BlueBRIDGE has to offer.

Earlier today, BlueBRIDGE released a press release outlining the interest in the project’s services for application in the private sector.

ICES training course on "Data-limited stock assessment" will be taking place this coming september, assisted with the use of the BlueBRIDGE VREs.

The EGI conference "Opening science in Europe and in the World" took place 6-8 April in Amsterdam. 

Over 30 participants were present as Nadia Nardi, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and Business Development Manager at BlueBRIDGE, presented a paper on "The D4SCIENCE Infrastructure to Support Academic Courses" at t

ICES training course on "Principles and methods of broadband/wideband technologies: application to fisheries acoustics" will be taking place this coming september, assisted with the use of the BlueBRIDGE VREs.

The ICES training course entitled "Stock Assessment (advanced)" will be commencing in November, incooperatng the use of the BlueBRIDGE VREs.

ICES training course on "Management Strategy Evaluation: an introduction" will be taking place this coming september, assisted with the use of the BlueBRIDGE VREs.

An enhanced version of, the infrastructure behind BlueBRIDGE VREs, was released at the end of July 2016. This change improves the project’s capabilities.

By utilizing tuna fisheries data in the Indian Ocean, the authors propose a method to forecast fisheries time series. In comparing this method to others, they demonstrate that it is able to highlight periodic patterns in a high fishing activity area such as the Indian Ocean.

During COFI 2016 a side event on innovative IT solutions to support Data needs for Blue Growth took place. This side event presented partnerships and IT strategies of FAO to support informed decision-making for social, economic and environmental sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture.