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Innovative technologies at the service of the aquaculture, fisheries & research sectors

BlueBRIDGE delivers tailor made data management services to different communities and stakeholders (international organisations, research centers, enterprises, etc.) operated through collaborative web-based research environments.

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BlueBRIDGE is organising the Virtual Research Environments for the Open Science Cloud workshop at the Digital Infrastructures for Research 2016 conference. The session takes place on Friday 30 September 2016 from 11:00 to 12:30 (Room 8C), at the ACC Cyfronet AGH, Kraków's academic computing centre, in Krakow, Poland. In this session we’ll look at how innovative working environments can effectively support the daily work of researchers, industry (including SMEs) and international organisations and how the Virtual Research Environments can play a role in the European Open Science Cloud landscape envisaged by the recent April 2016 Communication released by the European Commission. The outcomes of the session ...



Revamp of D4Science infrastructure increases BlueBRIDGE’s capabilities

An enhanced version of D4Science.org, the infrastructure behind BlueBRIDGE VREs, was released at the end of July 2016. This change improves the project’s capabilities.

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Analysing and forecasting fisheries time series

By utilizing tuna fisheries data in the Indian Ocean, the authors propose a method to forecast fisheries time series. In comparing this method to others, they demonstrate that it is able to highlight periodic patterns...

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Data-limited stock assessment training course

ICES training course on "Data-limited stock assessment" will be taking place this coming september, assisted with the use of the BlueBRIDGE VREs.

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BlueBRIDGE & the iMarine initiative


BlueBRIDGE will provide new services to the iMarine gateway which is home of the iMarine e-infrastructure.
The iMarine Gateway in numbers:

  • 1 self-sustained underlying infrastructure (D4Science) executing around 20,000 models & algorithms per month, providing access to over a billion records hosted in more than 50 worldwide repositories
  • over 2,000 users from multiple scientific domains (e.g. fisheries, biodiversity, ocean observation, etc.)
  • around 15 ready-to-use iMarine services
  • new 9 upcoming BlueBRIDGE services

Who is involved?

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