The Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries (GRSF) was created as part of the BlueBRIDGE project (EU Horizon 2020) by FAO and partners as a key collaborative instrument to collectively support the global monitoring of fish stocks and fisheries status. It has been established as a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) for fish stock and fisheries information, metadata, and related-tools in the iMarine e-infrastructure, which FAO has been co-developing in partnership for 10 years.

The Tuna Atlas VRE

The Tuna Atlas VRE is a tool to handle public domain data from various (Tuna) Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (T-RFMOs). Data include catches, fishing efforts and size frequencies of the species managed by the five tuna RFMOs. Tuna Atlas provides services to discover the available datasets at regional and global levels, extract them in several formats widely used by the scientific community (e.g. CSV, NetCDF, SDMX) and visualize them in an interactive web-viewer of indicators and maps. It also includes tools for the users to generate their own Tuna atlas by applying own processing (e.g. applying specific choices for scientific corrections) on the tuna RFMOs data.

PAIM: the Protected Area Impact Maps Virtual Research Environment

The PAIM VRE assists users in understanding which seafloor features occur in an area and how these are currently represented in marine protected areas. This information can be used to prioritize future planning of protected areas to include seafloor features which are poorly represented. The VRE is now open!