BlueBRIDGE and ICRE8 Collaboration: Analysing Aquaculture Operation Performance

BlueBRIDGE and ICRE8 are working together in bringing social / environmental impacts into consideration when analysing aquaculture operation performance.

The joint work acts on conceptualizing the monetization of social / environmental impacts of aquaculture and combining this with the the specific techno-economic and production models generated in BlueBRIDGE, taking into account data and computational resources in reach.

Attica prefecture

In the framework of the new PA (Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework) 2014-2020, which constitutes the main strategic plan for growth in Greece with the contribution of significant resources originating from the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) of the European Union, there are 9 operational programmes, related to specific ministries and 13 peripheral programs related to each Greek prefecture.

Earth Server

EarthServer project is delivering raster management technology that is fully standards compliant (OGC reference implementation for specific standards). The project's baseline technology (Rasdaman) has been presented at the BlueBRIDGE TCom meeting, and it will be exploited if use cases show a relevant raster management need. Project's perspective on data set metadata management is diffused among the two projects via the participation of CITE in both projects.


EDISON is a project established in September 2015, with the purpose of accelerating the process of establishing the profession of Data Scientist. The effective use of Data Science technologies requires new skills and demands for new professions, usually referred to as the Data Scientist: an expert who is capable of both extracting meaningful value from the data collected and also managing the whole lifecycle of Data, including supporting Scientific Data e-Infrastructures. is a non-profit organisation based in Amsterdam established to coordinate and manage the infrastructure (EGI) on behalf of its participants: National Grid Initiatives (NGIs) and European Intergovernmental Research Organisations (EIROs).


EGI-Engage aims to accelerate the implementation of the Open Science Commons by expanding the capabilities of a European backbone of federated services for computing, storage, data, communication, knowledge and expertise, complementing community-specific capabilities.


The International Centre for Research on the Environment and the Economy (ICRE8) is a non-profit, private Research Centre dedicated to interdisciplinary research on the Environment, Energy, Economy, Eco-innovations and their electronic versions (hence E8). The overarching goal of the Centre is to promote the understanding and implementation of Sustainable Development as the only non-self-destructive path of socio-economic development.

Joint Research Council (JRC) and the BIOPAMA project

The Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Programme (BIOPAMA) aims to address threats to biodiversity in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries while reducing poverty in communities in and around protected areas. Specifically, the programme will enhance existing institutions and networks by making the best available science and knowledge available for building capacity to improve policies and decision-making on biodiversity conservation, protected areas management and access and benefit sharing.


PARTHENOS aims at strengthening the cohesion of research in the broad sector of Linguistic Studies, Humanities, Cultural Heritage, History, Archaeology and related fields through a thematic cluster of Research Infrastructures, integrating initiatives, e-infrastructures and other world-class infrastructures, and building bridges between different, although tightly interrelated, fields.


SoBigData proposes to create the Social Mining & Big Data Ecosystem: a research infrastructure (RI) providing an integrated ecosystem for ethics-sensitive scientific discoveries and advanced applications of social data mining on the various dimensions of social life, as recorded by 'big data'.