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BlueBRIDGE flier: innovative data management services for aquaculture, fisheries and education flyer_bb_08_giug_2017_web.pdf
Datathon poster poster_datathon_07_giugn_2017.pdf
The BlueBRIDGE Competitive Call for SMEs is open - Poster bluebridge-poster-marzo2017_call4smes.pdf
The Fisheries Data Interoperability Working Group bb_rda_poster70x100_march20172.pdf
The BlueBRIDGE Competitive Call for SMEs is open flier_27_march_2017.pdf
BlueBRIDGE Flier: Call For SMEs January 2017 flier_call4smes_jan2017.pdf
BlueBRIDGE Flier: Innovative data management services for Blue Growth flier_innovative_data_services_4_blue_growth_jan2016.pdf
BlueBRIDGE Flier: invitation to ICES workshop, Sep 2016 flier_taking_part_in_the_ices_conference_sep2016.pdf
BlueBRIDGE Rollup Banner Sept. 2016 pop_up_banner_sept2016.pdf
BlueBRIDGE Poster: "A Web application to publish R scripts as-a-Service on a Cloud computing platform." Gianpaolo Coro 26 Sept. 2016 poster_a_web_application_to_publish_r_scripts_aas_sep2016.pdf