Massimiliano Assante, Researcher, ISTI-CNR 

Massimiliano is a researcher at Networked Multimedia Information Systems (NeMIS) Laboratory of the National Research Council of Italy - Institute of Information Science and Technologies (CNR - ISTI). He holds a Ph.D. on Information Engineering and a master degree (M.Sc.) on Information Technologies, both received from the University of Pisa. His research interests include Research Infrastructures, Scientific Repositories, Data Publishing, Virtual Research Environments and NoSQL Data Stores.
Currently, he is working in several EU projects (BlueBRIDGE, SoBigData, PARTHENOS, AGINFRA+) and leads the Work Package responsible for the design and implementation of the BlueBRIDGE research data catalogue.


Untitled design (2).pngDaniele Bailo, Engineer, INGV        

Working at INGV from 2011, he is involved in the design of the EPOS e-Infrastructure and coordinates the design and implementation of the EPOS eInfrastructure (Integrated Core Services) in EPOS-IP project WP7. He is member of the Eurocris Organization and of EGI-ENGAGE Project Management Board. Topics of expertise  include: Research Infrastructure architectures design; coordination of technical developments; interoperability of systems; OGCn Inspire and other standard web services; metadata management and CRIS;CERIF -  an EU recommendation; big data and noSQL databases;  web application developmens. Involved  in several EU projects (VRE4EIC, EGI-ENGAGE, European Open Science Cloud), as advisory and  ICT  expert  member.


Luiz Olavo Bonino, Chief Technology Officer, Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences and Vrije University Amsterdam

Luiz Bonino is the Chief Technology Officer for FAIR Data at the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences and researcher of the Centre for Integrative BioInformatics at the Vrije University Amsterdam. Luiz got his Master of Science in Computer Science from the Federal University of Espírito Santo, in Vitória, Brazil and his Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from the University of Twente, in Enschede, the Netherlands in the areas of conceptual modelling, ontology engineering, semantic interoperability, service-oriented computing, context-aware computing and requirements engineering. With his background in both academic and industrial environments, he leads an international team working on technical solutions for FAIR Data.


Untitled design (3).pngDonatella Castelli, Senior Researcher, ISTI-CNR & BlueBRIDGE Project Coordinator

Dr. Donatella Castelli, is Senior Researcher at CNR-ISTI and leader of the InfraScience research group. Her current  research interests include data infrastructure content modeling, interoperability and architectures. She is author of several research papers in these fields. Under her supervision, the InfraScience team coordinated and participated in several EU and nationally funded projects on Digital Libraries and Research Data Infrastructures. In particular, she has been the scientific coordinator of the D4Science and iMarine EU projects. Dr. Castelli is also a member of the RDA Europe Expert Group that that promotes research and cross-infrastructure coordination at global level. Currently, she is technical coordinator of the EU OpenAIRE2020 project and the coordinator of the BlueBRIDGE project.


Untitled design.jpgRafael C. Jimenez, Chief Technical Officer, ELIXIR

Rafael C. Jimenez is the Chief Technical Officer of ELIXIR. He is responsible for leading ELIXIR working groups and facilitating the work of ELIXIR Nodes and Platforms in implementing the ELIXIR Scientific Programme. Rafael joined ELIXIR after four years at EMBL-EBI as a software engineer and technical lead in the IntAct (molecular interactions) team. He specialises in the coordination and management of bioinformatics services, and is interested in topics relating to data infrastructure, data integration, data federation, data visualisation and software development best practices. Rafael has experience coordinating technical projects, developing technical strategies, leading software development and managing community groups. He obtained his MSc in Molecular Biology in Spain and his MSc in Computer Science in South Africa.

Untitled design (5).pngHarry Lankreijer, Senior lecturer and researcher, Lund University

Senior lecturer and researcher in Environmental Sciences, Climate and Geoscience.
His recent research outputs are: “Biophysical controls on CO2 fluxes of three Northern forets based on long-term eddy covariance data.”, “CO2 and H2O fluxes at the floor of a boreal forest by different methods”, “Ecologically implausible carbon response? Reply” and “Leaf area index is the principal scaling parameter for both gross photosynthesis and ecosystem respiration of Northern deciduous and coniferous forests”.


Mattia Santoro, Researcher, CNR-IIA

He has a PhD in Methods and Technologies for Environmental Monitoring at the University of Basilicata, Italy. He obtained a degree in computer science at the University of Florence, Italy.
He has been working at the Earth and Space Science Informatics Laboratory (ESSI-Lab) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) since 2007. His main research interests are  semantic discovery, and environmental models interoperability. He is responsible of the GEO  Discovery and Access Broker operational environment.


Untitled design (13).pngHeinrich Widmann, Scientific programmer, German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ)

Heinrich Widmann is a scientific programmer at the German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ). He works within EUDAT, a European-wide and interdisciplinary data infrastructure project, and he is the product manager of the accomplished metadata repository and discovery service ‘B2FIND’. As a software engineer he is not only responsible for the development, maintenance and operational implementation of the service, but as well for the project plans, the user documentation and the presentation of the product at user forums and conferences.