Collecte Localisation Satellites

CLS is a subsidiary of the French Space Agency CNES and has two main offices in France with CLS Headquarters located near Toulouse and VIGISAT radar applications centre located near Brest. CLS has also subsidiaries in Spain (Altamira Information, specialized in interferometric SAR applications), the USA, Peru, Indonesia, Brazil, and offices in Australia, Chile, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and China. To fulfil its core activities, CLS is organized in 3 main departments:

  • The Geo-Positioning and Data Collection systems Department (DCL), specialized in the promotion and the operation of global data collection and tracking systems.
  • The Space Oceanography Department (DOS), set-up in 1991 to process and distribute oceanography data issued from satellite observations.
  • The Radar Applications Department (DAR): DAR is recognized as a main provider of satellite radar scenes and services based on the analysis of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) scenes, provided to governmental agencies in France, Europe, Indonesia, Australia, and to oil & gas operators worldwide. CLS Earth Observation (EO) services, based on radar and optical imagery, rely on a network of ground stations located in Brest, La Réunion Island,Kerguelen Island and Bali.

For the BlueBRIDGE project, the work will be mainly performed within the Radar Applications Department of CLS with the support of the Space Oceanography department. CLS will participate to the preparation and demonstration of BlueBRIDGE uses cases. CLS role is twofold:

  • Design an “Aquaculture Atlas Production System” (AAPS). The AAPS takes EO products as inputs and generates “Aquaculture Products”.
  • Implement a prototype of this AAPS, which will run in a local environment and will support a demonstration on selected areas.

To perform this task in accordance with End user needs, CLS will rely in particular on the successful implementation of large infrastructure and capacity building project in Indonesia (INDESO) and on the experience gained in the design and operational delivery of such EO derived products for maritime applications in Europe.


Key members

Jean-Yves Le Bras is a senior project manager graduate from ENSTA Paris engineering school, marine environment speciality, and holds a Coastal Protection University Degree from Rennes-I University. At CLS, he has been actively involved since 2002 in the development of space based marine applications such as oil spill monitoring and forecasting, environment protection, illegal fishing monitoring. He previously held system engineering positions at Large Space Companies and has a background   of software engineer  for  processing of Earth Observation sensors  (SAR and optical).