GRID-Arendal is a centre collaborating with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), supporting informed decision making and awareness-raising through:

  • Environmental information management and assessment.
  • Capacity building services.
  • Outreach and communication tools, methodologies and products.

The mission of GRID-Arendal is to create environmental knowledge enabling positive change. This is achieved by organizing and transforming available environmental data into credible, science-based information products, delivered through innovative communication tools and capacity-building services targeting relevant stakeholders. GRID-Arendal has strong competency in marine spatial analysis and planning, marine data management, ecosystem services assessment and capacity building. The focus of much of their marine work is creating pathways from science to policy and decision making.

GRID-Arendal will provide expertise in marine planning, spatial data analysis and marine ecosystems to the BlueBRIDGE Project. GRID-Arendal will contribute information on the global seafloor geomorphic features, and marine ecosystem services associated with shallow water marine habitats. Finally, GRID-Arendal will help develop spatial analysis techniques for the reporting of these features and the impacts upon them.


Key members

Miles Macmillan-Lawler has extensive work experience in marine and spatial related matters, having worked with both University and Government organisations prior to joining GRID-Arendal. His previous work experience include development of policy relating to marine spatial planning, design of marine protected area networks in Australia and public consultation on spatial plans. His research experience includes 10 years working on marine habitat mapping and environmental assessment in south east Australia. Since joining GRID-Arendal he has worked on a wide range of projects including developing a global map of seafloor geomorphology (, development of monitoring methodology for marine habitats in Estonia and conducting capacity building on marine spatial planning with a focus on developing countries and small island states. He has strong spatial analysis skills coupled with a good understanding of marine planning.