Trust-IT is a UK SME specialised in analysing and communicating Information and Communication Technologies across Europe and globally. Trust-IT is a multi-national team, highly skilled in creating communication and digital web strategies for today’s digital environment, be that for business, research & science or public sector organisations. For the past 13 years Trust-IT has been working very closely with small and large enterprises, government and research to drive forward new ideas, pinpoint market opportunities, create multi-stakeholder partnerships and international networks. In driving home the many benefits of IT, Trust-IT has taken the communication of innovative ICT results to a completely new level of digital innovation. Trust-IT combines dedicated communication and collaboration solutions to provide a full-service to customers and clients to help deliver more value and drive more active and engaged users. Trust-IT considers itself an end-to-end solution provider where we develop the software and we provide with Communication & Digital Marketing services for both online & non business or research. Trust-IT is a prime mover in the cloud computing, data e-infrastructures and future internet landscapes. It has gained extensive knowledge on these topics by working closely with international experts, service providers, technology developers and user communities from many different fields. Trust-IT is the coordinator of the RDAEurope project (2014-2016) (Trust-IT designed & implemented the European plug-in to RDA and promotes and supports the participation of European data practitioners in RDA.

In the context of the project, the Trust-IT team will lead the Communication, Stakeholder Engagement and Knowledge transfer activities.


Key members

Sara Garavelli, Project Manager and PMO at Trust-IT Services. Sara is a Telecommunications engineer from the University of Parma, Italy and obtained her master degree in logistics and organization for industry and commerce in 2005. She is currently a Project Manager and runs the Project Management Office (PMO) at Trust-IT. Her expertise lies in analytical reporting, research and problem solving, primarily related to streamlining company internal procedures & informatics processes, and design of technological solutions (mainly ICT web-centric communication platforms & mobile apps) that could help specific communities to promote their services, increase their revenue in an international market. In the past four years her studies focused on distributing computing, data e-infrastructures and internationalization domains. She currently serves as Communication Manager the Helix Nebula – The Science Cloud Initiative and as principal investigator for PICSE, Procurement Innovation for Cloud services in Europe. In the past she has been the iMarine-Data e-Infrastructure Initiative for Fisheries Management and Conservation of Marine Living Resources Dissemination & Communication Manager gaining a lot of experience on the fisheries domain and one of the authors of the iMarine sustainability Whitepaper Sustaining iMarine: a Public Partnership led Business Model. In addition to the above she also delivers comprehensive, digital communication strategies for commercial clients analysing their customer growth, digital online presence, forecasting their commercial options and delivering targeted, brand awareness activities to support their internationalization process.