The table below summarizes the data analytics that you can access and use in your application. If you need a different tool please specify it in your application.

Name Description/Link Examples
Facilities for species occurrence and geospatial datasets processing 

Time Series Analysis, Time Geo Chart, XYExtractor, ZExtraction, Raster Data Publisher, ESRI-GRID Extraction, Maps Comparison

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The Scalable Data Mining VRE

Published examples:

Coro, Gianpaolo, Pasquale Pagano, and Anton Ellenbroek. "Comparing heterogeneous distribution maps for marine species." GIScience & Remote Sensing 51.5 (2014): 593-611.

Coro, Gianpaolo, et al. "Automatic classification of climate change effects on marine species distributions in 2050 using the AquaMaps model." Environmental and ecological statistics 23.1 (2016): 155-180.

Facilities for performing data mining tasks on tabular and computer science data

Feed Forward Neural Network Regressor, Feed Forward Neural Network Trainer, Dbscan, Kmeans, Lof, Xmeans, WEB App Publisher, Quality Analysis, Generic Charts, Stat Val 

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The Tabular Data Lab VRE

Published examples:

Candela, Leonardo, et al. "Species distribution modeling in the cloud." Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience (2013).

Coro, Gianpaolo, et al. "Parallelizing the execution of native data mining algorithms for computational biology." Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 27.17 (2015): 4630-4644.

Facilities for the management and supervision of ecosystems

Absence Cells from AquaMaps, HRS, Absence Generation from Obis, Estimate Monthly Fishing Effort, Ecopath with Ecosim, Estimate Fishing Activity, SEADATANET Interpolator, Species Maps from  Points, BiOnym, Whole Steps Vpa Iccat Bft E 

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The Biodiversity Lab VRE

Published examples:

Coro, Gianpaolo, et al. "Improving data quality to build a robust distribution model for Architeuthis dux." Ecological Modelling 305 (2015): 29-39.

Coro, Gianpaolo, Luigi Fortunati, and Pasquale Pagano. "Deriving fishing monthly effort and caught species from vessel trajectories." OCEANS-Bergen, 2013 MTS/IEEE. IEEE, 2013.

Facilities for the development of optimized feeding and growth models


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Performance and Evaluation in Aquaculture VRE
Facilities for  supporting decision making and strategic investment analysis and doing better planning in the aquaculture domain

Mpa Intersect V2 

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Protected Area Impact Maps VRE,

Aquaculture Atlas Generation VRE