The table below summarizes the services and technologies that you can access and use in your application. If you need a different service/technology please specify it in your application.

Name Description/Link Characteristic
RStudio RStudio makes R easier to use. It includes a code editor, debugging & visualization tools RStudio server is configured with 16 cores and 16 GB RAM
Data Miner DataMiner Manager[1] is a computational engine for performing data analytics operations. Specifically, it offers a unique access to perform data analytics on heterogeneous data, which may reside either at client side, in the form of comma-separated values files, or be remotely hosted, possibly in a database.

[1] If you need to trun an algorithm or a model on the infrastructure you need Data Miner

Data Miner cluster is configured to support high throughput computing on 100 cores and 100 GB RAM
Spatial Data Infrastructure

The Spatial Data Infrastructure includes:

- Geoserver cluster to manage vector data accessible via OGC WMS and WFS protocols
- Geonetwork to manage spatial spatially referenced metadata accessible via OGC CSW protocol
- Thedds Data Service cluster to manage NetCDF, OpenDAP, and HDF5 datasets accessible via OPeNDAP protocol

The Spatial Data Infrastructure is configured to support the storage of spatially referenced datasets up to 0.5 TB of disk space. 
Storage Infrastructure The Storage infrastructure supports storage of files organized in directories. Policies can be associated with directories by selecting private to a single user, restricted access to specified users, shared with all users of the VRE The Storage infrastructure is configured to support the storage of files up to 2 TB of disk space.  
Relational Database Relational Database with transactional replication The Relational Database cluster is configured to support the storage up to 0.5 TB of disk space
Social Framework All applications running on the infrastructure are make accessible through a portal. It includes facilities for the management of users, for communicating with users via posts and notifications, for managing access policies, etc.  The Social Framework cluster is configured to manage up to 500 users and 5 VREs.
SmartGears Framework SmartGears framework is to make your Tomcat based application runnable on the infrastructure. It manages on behalf of the application authentication, authorization, accounting, monitoring, and alerting.   
Performance evaluation in aquaculture

Techno economic investment analysis and what if analysis - Click here for more information.

Data harmonization The Data Harmonization facility supports the semi-automatic harmonization of time series with respect to code lists and controlled vocabularies. It provides a suite for human curators that can define tailored template for harmonizing series of time series.  The Data Harmonization facility can be used to harmonize time series up to 1 M observations for each iteration of the harmonization process. 
Data Publication  Species distribution maps generation; Production of indicators; Facilities for creating and managing enhanced documents; generation of standard ISO 10139 metadata for geospatial datasets The Data publication facility allows to publish product in the VRE with the aim to make available either at all members of the VRE or open access.