On 4th of March 2016, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), hosted in Rome, the first BlueBRIDGE External Advisory Board meeting.

The meeting saw the participation of a pool of renowned international experts operating in the Blue Growth field that met the BlueBRIDGE consortium to discuss about the needs of their communities and how the BlueBRIDGE services can help them to solve their day to day challenges. Representatives from the following international organisations were around the table:

The meeting focused on the main three different contexts addressed by the BlueBRIDGE project:

-  Stock assessment and fisheries monitoring

-  Inventory of aquaculture farming systems, and socio-economic performance analysis in aquaculture

-  Indicators on sustainable fisheries and reduction of habitat degradation.

Experts have provided strategic guidance for the further developments and committed to meet again in a years time to ensure they remain abreast of the new technologies and solutions available via BlueBRIDGE. The meeting was the opportunity to understand the concrete needs of the communities and to get valuable feedback on the solutions that the project currently provides.

If you are also an expert and you think that the BlueBRIDGE services can support your community, or simply you feel that you can bring a valuable contribution to the External Advisory Board, do not hesitate to contact us at info@bluebridge-vres.eu.