The aim of the BlueBRIDGE WG Fisheries Data Interoperability Meeting, entitled “Metadata needs for fisheries data interoperability”, was to support the development of standards and software that facilitate the understanding of fisheries data (their quality, provenance and re-usability).
It also sought to propose means to analyse data across domain, e.g. within a spatial or socio-economic context.

In particular, the meeting had the following objectives:

1. to provide an overview and to develop a work-plan for these topics:

  • Data formats, existing and proposed, in the fisheries domain (with a focus on (by)catch recording and spatial data integration);
  • Data exchange needs driving the harmonization;
  • Data access and storage management; existing solutions and development proposals.

2. to endorse the WG case statement and Co-chairs, and adopt the WG Work plan
3. to produce an inventory of relevant data initiatives and the standards used to exchange fisheries related information;
4. to establish liaisons with other RDA WGs

Meeting details:

Date: 6 April 2017

Time: 2:00pm -3:30pm CET

Venue: Barcelo Sants Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Meeting agenda

1. Introduction of the WG and its co-chairs
2. WG workplan and actions; 
3. Showcases (examples of existing support projects / platforms for fisheries data interoperability)
4. WG workplan; define or identify contributors

Audience: Fisheries data managers; metadata managers and developers; fisheries and spatial metadata management; infrastructure managers; data access and storage; repositories and registries; data policy scientists; data governance and exchange policy implementation.

Check the presentations: 

Fisheries Data Interoperability WG - Introduction, Anton Ellenbroek, FAO (dowload it here)

BlueBRIDGE Solutions for Fisheries Data Working Group, Massimiliano Assante, CNR-ISTI (dowload it here)

Data Interoperability for fisheries statistics, Aymen CHAREF, FAO (dowload it here)

Geo-referencing concepts for fisheries data interoperability, Emmanuel Blondel, FAO (dowload it here)


The workshop was part of the 9th RDA Plenary Meeting. 

See the BlueBRIDGE WG Fisheries Data Interoperability Meeting in the 9th RDA Plenary Meeting Programme.