ICES training course on "Data-limited stock assessment" took place this coming september, assisted with the use of the BlueBRIDGE VREs.

Course dates:12–16 September 2016 
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland 

Please await confirmation of your place on the course before making travel arrangements. 

​This course enabled participants to ​identify data information content and how they interact in a variety of assessment settings –​ from data-limited to data-rich. 

Students were also be taught to recognize a diverse range of data-limited assessment methodologies and the data needs for each. In addition, they also understood each method's assumptions, benefits, limitations, and prior applications and performances.

Participants worked to apply decision trees to identify which ​methods are applicable for any specific data-limited data​set, and interpreted results of data-limited stock assessments and understand what can be inferred from them. The course was also look at quantifing uncertainty in data-limited methods by running sensitivities and combining results across methods.

ICES approved methods and procedures for working with data-limited stocks will also be explored, meaning participants can understand these and learn how they are different from other approaches.

Students were also evaluate which data-limited assessment techniques are most appropriate for a given stock and available data and run a range of datasets through software to apply data-limited methodologies. There was also scope to apply these methods to any stock-specific data brought to the course.

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