Nadia Nardi, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and Business Development Manager at BlueBRIDGE & Donatella Castelli CNR-ISTI & BlueBRIDGE Project Co-ordinator , presented at the next EGI conference "Opening science in Europe and in the World"  which took place 6-8 April in Amsterdam, on behalf of BlueBRIDGE. 

Nadia's presentation entitled "Data Sharing Policies, Legal Frameworks and Market Analysis of the Fishery and Marine Data Sector" looked at how BlueBRIDGE is collaborating with EGI and assisting the Fishery and Marine Sciences community by supporting capacity building in interdisciplinary research communities related to sustainable exploitation, environmental management and ecosystem services.

Donatella's Presentation entitled "Virtual Research Environments as-a-Service" discussed how VREs are contributing to the data management lifecycle looking at the D4Science infrastructure in particular. 

To see Donatella's presentations visit the  the BlueBRIDGE SlideShare account here or download the slides here

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Event Summary 

We welcomed research communities, technology and European and international digital service providers, to join us at the Amsterdam Science Park for the EGI Conference 2016.

The year's edition put research communities, NGIs and EIROs and collaborating e-Infrastructures in the spotlight as key players for the delivery of digital services for borderless science.

During the conference we found out how foundation services like advanced computing, storage, data management, and AAI when made interoperable and integrated with community-specifc services (reference datasets, software and tools), can produce composite value added solutions for research collaborations of any scale, from the long tail of science to international research projects.

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