Donatella Castelli (CNR-ISTI) gave an introductive talk in the "Towards an e-infrastructure in agriculture?" session at the Euragri workship in Inra, Paris discussing leading an e-infrastructure project in marine research e-Infrastructure and how it refers to a combination of digital technologies (hardware and software), resources (data, services, digital libraries), communications (protocols, access rights and networks), and the people and organisational structures needed to manage them. 

Event Synopsis

Big data in agriculture is now a reality. Massive amounts of data are produced by digital and connected objects such as farm equipments, sensors in the fields or biochips in animals. Robots are becoming more and more popular, as it is well illustrated in dairy production. Alongside with the continuous monitoring that is producing well-structured data, other sources of data are produced and used. Interconnections of information systems and inter-operability through API or other technics are increasingly important. The ownership of data and the legal aspects are also key issues to be considered.
This is leading to new management modes of agricultural production, new services offered, new organisations in agriculture and different relationships along the supply chains with regard to data sharing, and possibly new agricultures. Big data and associated technologies will make it possible to embrace the numerous uncertainties inherent to the future.
There will be major consequences on research and research organisations. It can be anticipated that this will raise new research questions, and new methods and approaches to perform research in agriculture. Research facilities and infrastructures will be revisited. New partnerships among academic institutions and with private companies will emerge. This will possibly lead to the involvement of scientists from areas of science and technology which have up to now little or no contact with the agri-food sector, to boost the innovation process in the sector.

This Euragri workshop is organised in order to promote exchanges of ideas and propose initiatives for performing research in this changing context.

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