ICES training course on "Principles and methods of broadband/wideband technologies: application to fisheries acoustics" will be taking place this coming september, assisted with the use of the BlueBRIDGE VREs.

Course dates: 8-12 December 2016
Location: Bergen, Norway

NB. This course is now full. You can join the course waiting list by compleating the application form. Successful applicants will be notified in November

The course provides participants with the knowledge and skill of interpreting and processing acoustic broadband/wideband data with confidence and to be well-prepared for moving broadband/wideband technology forward into routine acoustic research and survey applications in fisheries science. The course will cover both the theoretical background and how to apply the theory to actual fisheries acoustics through case studies and exercises with synthetic, previously recorded, and real-time data collected during the course.

By the end of the course, the participants should be able to:

  •  understand the fundamental differences between narrow-band and broadband acoustic systems
  •  interpret broadband/wideband echograms correctly
  •  understand the spatial and temporal characteristics of the broadband/wideband systems
  •  understand the techniques of spectral analysis such as pulse compression processing
  •  process broadband/wideband raw and pulse-compressed (complex) data​

This is an advanced course in fisheries acoustics. The participants are assumed to have moderate (college level) knowledge in algebra, calculus, and experience with narrow-band echosounders, such as Simrad EK60. In addition, programming ability (Matlab, R, etc.) is required.

More information here.