The second BlueBRIDGE Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting for the Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries (GRSF) took place in Rome, Italy, at the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations headquarters.

The GRSF aims at publishing unique records of stocks and fisheries with unique identifiers (UUID), with the dual goal to i) support the computation of stock status summaries (regional or global) and ii) offer a global UUID that can be used by the seafood industry and retailers for traceability purpose by disposing of a web-identifier pointing on the stock or fishery record (and related status information).

The GRSF prototype is being currently built from three global sources: FIRMS, RAM Legacy stocks DB (University of Washington), and FishSource (Sustainable Fisheries Partnerships - SFP). By collating these sources, the reporting coverage of any of these single entities can be increased, and by developing reporting standards future expansion capacities are catered. After one year of collaborative work, a first version of the GRSF has been produced exploiting the capabilities offered by the BlueBRIDGE Virtual Resource Environments. In the GRSF VRE, it is now possible to access and manage stocks and fishery records from the three data contributors (FIRMS partners, RAM, and FishSource). More on the GRSF VRE here.

The second BlueBRIDGE TWG meeting was held from Tuesday 28th of February to Thursday morning 2nd of March. The participants were the stakeholders involved in the project and, on the community side, participants included representatives from FAO, FIRMS partners (such as advisors from Regional Fishery Bodies), RAM (Stock assessment) and SFP (Fisheries improvement projects, mediators between science and seafood industry). Participants from the iMarine IT provider side were also present.

To see the Meeting’s Agenda, click here.

The meeting addressed the following topics:

  • Introduction to the GRSF prototype
  • GRSF Standards and guidelines: finalizing and implementation road map
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data validation workflow – GRSF records publication
  • Unique identifiers for fisheries - interface requirements to access relevant information
  • Unique identifiers for stocks – towards support for the computation of stock status summaries
  • Governance and Sustainability

The output of the meeting will guide the further development of the GRSF and will contribute to the formulation of the exploitation plan.