The ICES training course entitled "Stock Assessment (advanced)" will be commencing in November, incorporating the use of the BlueBRIDGE VREs.

Synopsis: Advanced course in fisheries stock assessment modelling, exploring generic properties of stock assessment methods. 

Dates: 28 November –2 December 2016 
Location : ICES, Copenhagen, Denmark

This five-day course is designed to train stock assessment scientists and advisors in population dynamics and advanced stock assessment. Theory will be put into practice as much as possible by working on examples from different angles. Various assumptions will be examined, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of different methods. ​

The course is organized into a series of sessions with alternating focus on theoretical concepts and hands-on work on examples. These example sessions will be completed in different software environments such as R and AD Model Builder.

Besides building assessment models and estimating uncertainty using various tools, there will also be discussion about closely- related analytical techniques to improve scientific advice for managers. Some exploratory analyses will be shown to reveal existing patterns in the data at hand, and how fish stock dynamics can be modelled under different assumptions.

The course is aimed at scientists who have a foundation in the fundamentals of stock assessments.

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