The article "Analysing and forecasting fisheries time series: purse seine in Indian Ocean as a case study" written by Gianpaolo Coro, Scott Large, Chiara Magliozzi and Pasquale Pagano, has been published by ICES Journal of Marine Science in the context of the BlueBRIDGE project.

By utilizing tuna fisheries data in the Indian Ocean, the authors propose a method to forecast fisheries time series. In comparing this method to others, they demonstrate that it is able to highlight periodic patterns in a high fishing activity area such as the Indian Ocean.

In addition to forecasting the fisheries time series in the future, the method is able to:

  • aggregate fisheries time series in space and time;
  • detect hidden periodicities;
  • identify the most stressed locations in the fishing area.

The proposed method its aimed at helping companies, fisheries organisations, and policy makers to determine the amount of fisheries resources available in the future in order to guarantee a sustainable harvest, and therefore food and economic resources for future generations.