BlueBRIDGE is selecting 5 data intensive SMEs that need its services to face important data management challenges, all free of charge.
BlueBRIDGE offers a set of services and resources for several communities operating in the domains of aquaculture, the ecosystem approach to fisheries, and marine research. These services and resources can also perfectly fit the needs of data intensive Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

If you are a European SME which needs collaborative data management services and you have limited time and financial resources, apply and take advantage of the BlueBRIDGE offer:

  • Adopt existing services for data management 
  • Exploit data and computing resources delivered by BlueBRIDGE 
  • Get consultancy support from the BlueBRIDGE consortium experts 

The call is open to all the SMEs established in the EU member states that need services to access public data, harmonize tabular data, analyse trends and statistics, and publish data in a collaborative way.

Specifically aquafarming, fisheries SMEs and environmental consultancy SMEs can take advantage of targeted domain specific services.


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