The number of BlueBRIDGE users is growing fast. Around 1900 new users became part of the BlueBRIDGE user-community since the start of the project (September 2015). Check out the chart below to see the monthly figures.


The increase in the number of users is clearly related to the widening of the BlueBRIDGE offering: in April 2017 the BlueBRIDGE Gateway, the unique access point for the BlueBRIDGE services, made available over 30 BlueBRIDGE Virtual Research Environments as shown in the graph below. There are 3 different types of VREs: public VREs (by registering, you can access and play with them), restricted VREs (Access to the VRE is moderated by the VRE manager. To request access, register through the BlueBRIDGE Gateway) and private VREs (these VREs are customised for specific users that decide not to make them public and therefore not accessible by external users. If you are interested in setting up a private VRE tailored to your own needs, please contact us at