If you are working on stock assessment models or you are a researcher or a scientist that needs computing capabilities, tools to harmonize different data sources, and facilities to easily share research results with your collaborators, you cannot miss this workshop!

The Annual ICES Science Conference (ICES ASC) offers five days of marine science in Riga, including 18 theme sessions, a variety of topical open sessions, poster sessions, lunchtime workshops, and social events. ICES, as a partner in the project, is using the BlueBRIDGE underlying infrastructure and VREs to facilitate tasks that require robust computing capabilities, harmonization of disparate data sources, and rapid dissemination of results among collaborators.

There will be both a BlueBRIDGE workshop and a BlueBRIDGE information booth at the conference.

You can find an agenda below:


9:00-9:05 Welcome & overview of the workshop objectives, Scott Large, ICES

9:05-9:20 What can «blue» do for you: overcoming ICES challenges with BlueBRIDGE tools, Scott Large, ICES

9:20 - 10:00 The BlueBRIDGE approach to collaborative research, Gianpaolo Coro, ISTI-CNR

10 :00 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 - 10:40– Western horse mackerel Management Strategy Evaluation, Scott Large, ICES
10:40 - 10:50 Ensemble Model, Robert Thorpe, CEFAS
10:50 - 12:45 Interactive discussion on:

  • The benefits of using VREs in the fisheries sector;
  • How to easily set up VREs to solve specific problems;
  • Identification of new collaboration opportunities;
  • Inputs and suggestions on the BlueBRIDGE tools used to support the ICES activities

12:45 -13:00  Wrap up


If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please send an expression of interest to: info@bluebridge-vres.eu