BlueBRIDGE workshop selected at the European Maritime Day 2016, 18 May 2016, Turku, Finland

The European Maritime Day is the annual meeting point for Europe’s maritime community to network, discuss, and forge joint action. This year the conference takes place on the 18-19 May 2016, in Turku, Finland.

"Investing in competitive blue growth - smart and sustainable solutions" is the hot topic of the conference and the BlueBRIDGE workshop "Towards innovative data services for Blue Growth" has been selected as a part of the programme.

Here you can find the provisional abstract of the workshop (The final programme of the workshop and the conference will be made available by the end of March):

Oceans are the world’s seventh largest economy and are fundamental to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness and labour market. However, poorly managed fisheries and pollution are amongst the causes of serious damage to its carrying capacity, calling for international action. Blue Growth, the European long-term strategy for sustainable growth in the marine sector, is taking bold steps to address this major issue. This requires comprehensive and accessible information about Europe’s seas and oceans, such as fisheries databases, sea maps, etc., for policy makers to make informed decisions to ensure that a healthy marine environment can sustain growth in Europe.

The development of smart solutions is therefore key to supporting decision-makers involved in the ecosystem approach to fisheries and aquaculture management, by facilitating the knowledge production chain from the initial phases of data collection, through to aggregation, analysis and the production of indicators for competent authorities and investors. These solutions can help in bridging the work of international organisations and communities of scientists from different disciplines (e.g. fisheries, biology, economics, statistics, environment, etc).

The recently funded H2020 project, BlueBRIDGE - Building Research environments fostering Innovation, Decision making, Governance and Education - will radically transform the way these communities work together by enabling collaboration and alignment. BlueBRIDGE is led by a renowned consortium of 14 partners (such as FAO, ICES, PMBret, etc) bundling forces from intergovernmental organizations, research institutes, industry and SMEs to provide innovative data services for marine, aquaculture, environmental & fisheries science & economy.

The workshop will show the difference smart data services can make in the Blue Growth sector, specifically in for fisheries, aquaculture, ecosystem management, livelihoods and food system. In particular, the focus will be put on:

  • Smart solutions to facilitate the efficient assessment of fishery stocks and the production of related knowledge and indicators
  • Solutions to effectively and efficiently produce aquaculture products (maps of human activity and natural zones) contributing to an aquaculture atlas compliant with NASO standards.
  • Solutions to support the efficient and effective production of maps of vegetation types and human impacts on them to enable ecosystem degradation analysis.
  • Solutions to support performance estimation, benchmarking, decision making and strategic investment analysis and identification of strategic locations in aquaculture

The workshop will also investigate the best practices already adopted by different stakeholders to tackle existing challenges. “Blue skills” will be also on the radar of the workshop: What are the key competences to deal with the innovative solutions in the Blue Growth areas? What are the main gaps to fill in terms of skills?

The session is for policy makers, international organisations and public authorities, industry and research institutes and universities. If you are part of one of these stakeholder group, come to Turku and join our workshop.

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