BlueBRIDGE has just released a brochure that explains how Virtual Research Environments (VREs) can support educators in setting up and delivering scientific training courses in a cost-effective way.

Why a VRE? 

In most circumstances, education itself is delivered through university courses, focused training events and workshops provided by specialised scientific institutes. All the steps in preparing courses and workshops require:

  • manual work, which is repeated each time a new course is held.
  • installation of complex software on the users’ computers to enable use of data processing
  • services and models that usually come under heterogeneous programming languages.
  • an extensive phase of data preparation and powerful hardware installation to allow the execution of the data-intensive models.

In addition, the interaction between teachers and students is usually limited to the duration of the face-to-face part of the course.

BlueBRIDGE VREs allow trainers to overcome all the above mentioned challenges!

Discover how by downloading our brochure at this link!


A sneak preview of how you can easily set up your training course with BlueBRIDGE: