On 30th November 2017, BlueBRIDGE organised a session: Pioneering EOSC thematic domains: the Blue Growth case in Brussels, Belgium. 

The session provided an overview of how a set of pioneering initiatives are already putting into practice the vision of the thematic EOSC in different domains. It addressed aspects of federation, networking and coordination of RIs for the purpose of improving the services provided to research communities and increasing cooperation, sharing and reusability across them.

The session started from the Blue Growth sector, highlighting best practices that can contribute to the EOSC ecosystem. This sector is characterised by the need for a better understanding and prediction of natural phenomena and the impact of human activities on ocean ecosystems, their resilience and effect on climate, including how and why the oceans and its resources are changing. As highlighted by the report of the G7 “Future of the Sea and Oceans Working group” the improvement of global data sharing infrastructures is instrumental to achieving this objective.

BlueBRIDGE, Building research environments fostering Innovation, Decision making, Governance and Education for Blue Growth, and SeaDataCloud, the follow-up of SeaDataNet, are both working in this direction. They are building applications, the so called VREs, that exploit existing e-infras, respectively EGI and EUDAT, existing data sharing activities (such as EMODnet), and leverage on relevant results of past and ongoing global, national and EU projects. Both initiatives are addressing the increased complexity of data sharing and analysis as well as reproducibility within the Blue Growth, as well as the sharp growth in data volumes. During the session, through the presentation of concrete use cases, the two initiatives showcased their early results and explained how they are benefitting from such horizontal e-infrastructures and what are the challenges that they are facing. The presentations stimulated the dialogue with the audience and set the scene for an interactive debate where representatives from parallel initiatives operating in other domains, namely the food and the environmental sector, were invited to contribute.

The debate provided the opportunity to investigate the following topics:

  1. What should be the principles governing the thematic EOSCs?
  2. What might be the challenges in implementing them?
  3. How can a coherent development among the thematic clouds and between them and more general EOSC related initiatives be assured?

The session also presented a great opportunity for the projects to identify collaboration opportunities, to understand if they can share resources to improve their services and to identify potential overlaps.


Workshop Agenda:

  • 14:00 - 14:15 The Blue Cloud and the Food Cloud  - Agostino Inguscio, European Commission, Marine Resources Unit of the Bioeconomy Directorate of DG Research & Innovation & Wim Haentjens, European Commission, Directorate-General Research & Innovation – Agri-food unit (Download ppt here & view presentation here)
  • 14:15 - 14:25 The BlueBRIDGE Project - Pasquale Pagano, CNR-ISTI, BlueBRIDGE Technical Coordinator (Download ppt here & view presentation here)
  • 14:25 - 14:35 SeaDataCloud - Chris Ariyo, CSC (Download ppt here & view presentation here)
  • 14:35 - 15:30 Panel discussion
    • Chris Ariyo, CSC, SeaDataCloud
    • Donatella Castelli, CNR-ISTI, BlueBRIDGE Project Coordinator
    • Francisco Hernandez, VLIZ, EMODnet & Lifewatch Marine
    • Odile Hologne, INRA, eRosa project
    • Brian Matthews, STFC, EOSCpilot

The full programme of the 2017 edition of the Digital Infrastructures for Research Conference is now available online...  take a look here https://goo.gl/TRSTM4


About the speakers:

Chris Ariyo, CSC, SeaDataCloud Christopher (Chris) Ariyo is currently working at the CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd (CSC). He has been working in CSC for more that 17 years as capacity of System Specialist (HPC, Storage, Backup and Archiving), Storage Specialist (online storage, backup and archiving), Storage Team Manager and currently leading the EUDAT team in CSC as well as Service Area Manager (SAM) for Data Access and Re-use (B2ACCESS, B2DROP, B2FIND, B2SHARE & Data Type Registry). He was also involved with EUDAT1 in the capacity as the manager leading the team working on storage and started again as SAM 2016.




Donatella Castelli, CNR-ISTI, BlueBRIDGE Project Coordinator Dr. Donatella Castelli is Director of Research at CNR-ISTI and leader of the InfraScience research group. Her current  research interests include data infrastructure content modeling, interoperability and architectures. She is author of several research papers in these fields. Under her supervision, the InfraScience team coordinated and participated in several EU and nationally funded projects on Digital Libraries and Research Data Infrastructures. In particular, she has been the scientific coordinator of the D4Science and iMarine EU projects. Dr. Castelli is also a member of the RDA Europe Expert Group that that promotes research and cross-infrastructure coordination at global level. Currently, she is technical coordinator of the EU OpenAIRE2020 project and the coordinator of the BlueBRIDGE project.


Wim Haentjens, European Commission, Directorate-General Research & Innovation – Agri-food unit Wim holds an engineering degree with a major in chemistry from Gent University and an MBA in International Management from Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. Wim joined the European Commission in 2015 from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in Flanders, Belgium, where between 2007 and 2015 he was active in the negotiations and implementation of the latest reform of the European Common Agricultural Policy. Prior to this he held in various positions in the private sector, in particular in the food sector. He is working in the Agrifood Unit of the Bioeconomy Directorate of DG Research & Innovation. He is part of the policy team that is driving and managing the Food 2030 initiative.




Odile Hologne, INRA, eRosa project Odile Hologne is the head of the department of scientific information at the french institute for agricultural research. For many years, she has managed projects and teams linked to information technologies in the agri-food sciences. In her current position she is involved in many international working groups dealing with “open science in the agri-food sector” such as GODAN (global open data for agriculture and nutrition) and RDA (Research data alliance). She is one of the associated expert of RDA Europe and she is the coordinator the project eROSA « Towards an e-infrastructure roadmap for open science in agriculture » www.erosa.aginfra.eu


Agostino Inguscio, European Commission, Marine Resources Unit of the Bioeconomy Directorate of DG Research & Innovation Agostino joined the Marine Resources Unit of the Bioeconomy Directorate of DG Research& Innovation in 2017. He is part of the team focusing on the digitisation of seas and oceans and on the development of a Pilot Blue Cloud as a thematic cloud of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). His professional background was in academia. Prior to joining the European Commission he worked as a postdoctoral research associate at the Economic Growth Center of Yale University and as a lecturer at the University of Cape Town. In 2016 he was awarded a British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship. Agostino holds a Doctorate (D.Phil) and a Master in Economic History from the University of Oxford.


Brian Matthews, STFC, EOSCpilot  Brian Matthews is group leader of the Data Science and Technology Group in the Scientific Computing Department of the Science and Technology Facilities Council of the United Kingdom, where he leads a research and development group looking at advanced techniques for handling and analysing scientific data.  He has over 30 years’ experience in research and development in software engineering, data and metadata modelling, web technologies and distributed systems; in the last 10 years he has focussed on data management, preservation and sharing, especially within large-scale scientific programmes and facilities, working in European projects, recent ones including PanData, SCAPE, and SCIDIP-ES.  He is currently taking a leading role as project manager of the EOSC-Pilot project which is paving the way for a common ecosystem to support open science within Europe and beyond.   Brian has a PhD in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow, over 150 refereed publications, and is a Fellow of the British Computer Society.


Pasquale Pagano, CNR-ISTI, BlueBRIDGE Technical Coordinator Pasquale Pagano is a Senior researcher at CNR-ISTI, Pisa and is the Technical Director of the BlueBRIDGE project. He has a strong background and experience on models, methodologies and techniques for the design and development of distributed virtual research environments (VREs) which require the handling of heterogeneous computational and storage resources, provided by Grid and Cloud based e-Infrastructures, and management of heterogeneous data sources. He participated in the design of the most relevant distributed systems and e-Infrastructure enabling middleware developed by ISTI - CNR. He is currently the Technical Director of the D4Science Data Infrastructure and he is serving the iMarine Data Initiative as a consultant. In the past, he has been involved in the iMarine, EUBrazilOpenBio, ENVRI, Venus-C, GRDI2020, D4Science-II, D4Science, Diligent, DRIVER, DRIVER II, BELIEF, BELIEF II, Scholnet, Cyclades, and ARCA European projects.