Together with the Technical University of Denmark, ICES and BlueBRIDGE have put together this online course as an introduction to the modern science of oceanography. This course is delivered via a BlueBRIDGE Virtual Research Environment.

This course will give you an introduction to the modern science of oceanography, the study of the world’s oceans. The world’s oceans cover 70% of the world and they represent a vast array of life and habitats. In this course you will learn about the differences and similarities between life in the ocean and life on land. Learn about the physical setting of the ocean and its structure, ocean chemistry and productivity, zooplankton adaptions, oceans and climate and get knowledge of the challenges of the ocean, pollution and how people depend on the ocean. With the knowledge provided you will be able to understand and describe fundamental differences between marine and terrestrial environments and life, apply simple concepts and insight to discuss applied problems in oceanography. You will be able to describe the main features of global ocean circulation and the processes driving them. You will also be able to construct diagrams representing simple geochemical cycles and calculate residence times. Become familiar with the minimum of physics required to understand the aquatic life at small scales and be able to apply this physics to understand small-scale living. Finally you will get insight into how the oceans regulate global climate, the drawdown of C02 and on the challenges of climate change and pollution. If you want to learn about oceanography this is the course for you.

Watch the video lectures, and test your knowledge with the provided quiz handouts. Every topic comes with a quiz handout, feel free to go through it after completing the video lectures. The course is composed by 8 training modules.


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