BlueBRIDGE recently developed a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) supporting a scientific training on Stock Assessment. This VRE will be used to support the ICES Advanced Stock Assessment Training Course, which will be held from Monday, 28 November, to Friday, 2 December, 2016. This course is designed to train stock assessment scientists and advisors in population dynamics and advanced stock assessment. Theory will be put into practice as much as possible by working on examples from different angles. ​The course is organized into a series of sessions with alternating focus on theoretical concepts and hands-on work on examples.

Hands-on sessions will be run, exploiting the dedicated online environment provided by BlueBRIDGE. This environment will allow the instructors to share data, documents, and computing resources with the trainees in an easy and quick way. In this way, the trainees will perform practical experimentation in real time.

The ICES Training Course will be instructed by Jan Jaap Poos of Wageningen IMARES Marine Research Institute (The Netherlands) and Richard Hillary of CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research (Australia). Additional support will be provided by Anna Davies, ICES conference and training coordinator, and Lise Cronne, ICES Science Programme Assisting Secretary.


Access to the ICES training VRE on stock assessment is reserved for the course participants and instructors. If you are interested in getting more information about the course, please contact Anna Davies, ICES. If you would like to learn more on how BlueBRIDGE VREs can support your scientific training courses, please contact More information about BlueBRIDGE VREs supporting scientific trainings.