The Protected Area Impact Maps Virtual Research Environment (PAIM VRE) provides tools to visualise, analyse and report on a range of ecologically important seafloor features - a key component of Maritime Spatial Planning. The PAIM is a user-friendly and visual tool that shows seafloor features and how these are currently represented in marine protected areas. It was developed in the BlueBRIDGE project by GRID-Arendal and FAO among others.

The PAIM VRE is now available! Access it in 3 steps:

  1. Click here and login into the BlueBRIDGE Gateway or create a new account if you are not registered yet

  1. Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions
  2. There you go: start using the PAIM VRE.

Any questions on the features of the PAIM VRE?

Watch the recording of the webinar: A web-application to understand ecologically important seafloor features in Marine Protected Areas