An enhanced version of, the infrastructure enacting the operation of the BlueBRIDGE Virtual Research Environments, was released at the end of July 2016 with the release of the gCube 4.0 framework. This change will undoubtedly improve the project’s capabilities.

Among the many enhancements and improvements introduced by this new version, the following are worth highlighting:

A Research Products Catalogue has been deployed and released. This service make it possible to publish and discover any research product including datasets, research methods, and entire experiments according to open science practices. In fact, each published product is accompanied with rich metadata capturing, among other things, provenance information, attribution details, and usage policy. This service nicely complements the offering of for research data sharing by providing a user-friendly view of available products aiming at promoting their (re-)use.

A completely new gateway for accessing the Virtual Research Environments and Services operated by Actually, such a gateway is a federation of gateways, each customised with services and VREs of interest for a specific community. This type of gateway offers a new set of user interfaces conceived to provide users with more intuitive and easy-to-use applications built upon the infrastructure services. Moreover, it is designed to fit any device, and it was reinforced by enabling sign-in with third party accounts (e.g. LinkedIn, Google).

This will undoubtedly increase BlueBRIDGE’s capacity and capabilities, increasing its power and productive potential.

If you are interested in experiencing the new facilities, try it now at