Following the RDA-Europe / BlueBRIDGE Datathon on Fisheries and Aquaculture on the 15th and 16th June 2017 in Heraklion, Crete, a Report has been created which describes the results of the Datathon.

The datathon was structured in such a way that initiated extremely interesting discussions, which in particular helped in knowledge transfer from the experts to the 75 participants. Not only can the event be considered very successful by the organisers, but the participants also believed that the event was very productive as they proactively participated in the event and worked for two full days, exploiting the tools and datasets suggested by the organisers.


The  event was comprised as follows: the Expert Presentations and the Datathon. The Datathon provided more than 8 Research Institutes and more than 5 Universities and Academic Organizations the opportunity to meet, present their projects and share their experience in different topics. 


Click here to see the Datathon Report: /sites/default/files/rda-bluedatathon-report_bb_final_short_1.pdf

Scientists, researchers from different domains and institutes attended the Datathon