On the BlueBRIDGE Biodiversity Lab VRE is now available a timeline to show how information about the mysterious Giant Squid (Architeuthis), also know as Kraken, has evolved from legend to science fiction and finally to scientific investigation.

The timeline, which include also a recent habitat distribution map, follow the “Kraken’s evolution” from the Gessner’s sea serpent (1587) to the real dimensions of the giant squid in 1982 to the Clash of Titans in 2010 and much more.

It is the output of a Semantic Web technology named Narrative-Building Tool (NBT), a semi-automatic tool to construct and visualize narratives, intended as semantic networks of events related each other through semantic relations.
This tool obeys an "ontology for narratives", developed by the Digital Libraries group at ISTI-CNR.
NBT uses Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons as external knowledge base of images and entities. NBT allows selection of instances of the narratives ontologies among automatically proposed Wikidata entities and assigns URIs to them, facilitating the construction of events based on these instances. The knowledge collected by the tool is exported as Linked Data and automatically saved.

The timeline was realized by Gianpaolo Coro (ISTI-CNR), starting from the paper entitled: "The Kraken: when myth encounters science” of Dr.Rodrigo Salvador and Barbara Tomotani.

It can be viewed here.

Enjoy the timeline and find out how much of myths and legends are based on true events and facts!