Today important societal challenges raise questions that are not restricted to a specific sector (Governmental & Intergovernmental organisations, Public authorities, Industry, SMEs, Universities and Research Institutes) or discipline, but span across them.

Nevertheless, most of the data and knowledge exchange still occurs in “silos” by preventing an effective re-use of cross-domain resources and the cross-fertilization of results. BlueBRIDGE fills this gap, by simplifying sharing and re-use of knowledge produced in these sectors and facilitating cross-fertilization and collaboration among their actors on relevant societal challenges or community specific questions.

BlueBRIDGE is implementing and operating a set of VREs facilitating communities of scientists from fisheries, biology, economics, statistics, environment, mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences, computer science and many other domains to work together on their knowledge production chain, from the initial phases, data collection and aggregation, to collaborate for the production of indicators.

BlueBRIDGE specifically serves data practitioners of the Blue Growth sector, supporting the collaborative production of scientific knowledge required for assessing the status of fish stocks, for monitoring fisheries and habitat degradation for analysing socio-economic performance in aquaculture, but also to support research institutes from every domain to set up training environments in a cost efficient way.


Performance evaluation in aquaculture To support performance estimation, benchmarking, decision making and strategic investment analysis in aquaculture.
Identification of strategic locations for aquafarms To support efficient identification of strategic locations of interest for investment meeting multifactor selection criteria.
Detection of aquaculture structures To effectively and efficiently produce aquaculture products (maps of human activity and natural zones) contributing to an aquaculture atlas compliant with NASO standards.
Protected area impact maps production To support the efficient and effective production of maps of vegetation types and human impacts on them to enable ecosystem degradation analysis.

Stock assessment support

To facilitate the efficient assessment of fishery stocks and the production of related knowledge and indicators.

Global record of stocks and fisheries

To give access to evidence based information on the status of marine stocks and fisheries.

Scientific training environments

To reduce trainers’ effort in preparing platforms for practical experimentation in courses organised by universities, institutions and companies that require multidisciplinary data access, curation and analytics, e.g. Ecosystem modelling, Vessel Monitoring Systems, Fisheries Management, Biodiversity Conservation & Geospatial Data Management.

BlueBRIDGE services are deployed in the D4Science e-infrastructure (