Combining the datasets and the services and technologies made available by BlueBRIDGE, it is possible to set up web-based solutions (the so-called Virtual Research Environments, VREs) to support users in solving data access, harmonisation, discovery, and publishing issues. In particular, BlueBRIDGE focuses on four specific themes: Aquaculture, Ecosystem approach to fisheries, Education, Maritime Spatial Planning and Project Management.


There are over 30 BlueBRIDGE VREs. They have been set up to support users in specific thematic domains and sectors:

  1. Aquaculture: VREs supporting the performance evaluation, benchmarking and decision making process of aquafarms & VREs supporting the discovery of aquaculture production facilities (size & position)
  2. Ecosystem approach to fisheries: VREs supporting the creation of a global inventory of stocks and fisheries & VREs supporting stock assessment for fishery management
  3. Education: VREs supporting the set up and delivery of educational courses that require the usage of datasets and tools
  4. Maritime Spatial Planning: VREs supporting the detection of aquaculture structures and the visualisation, analysis and reporting of important seafloor features within marine protected areas;
  5. Project Management: VREs supporting project consortia and workpackages (including the BlueBRIDGE one) to manage the different activities in a project (social framework to enable communication among the partners; file repository; task management; real-time dashboard to track activities and KPIs; wikis)

Are the BlueBRIDGE VREs only for scientists?

The VREs can be used by very different stakeholders that might not necessarily have technical skills, including international organizations, small and large private companies, research centres, not-for profit organisations, start-ups, etc. They are conceived to hide the technicalities to the user.

Can I access all the BlueBRIDGE VREs?

There are three different types of VREs:

  • public VREs: by registering, you can access and play with them;
  • restricted VREs: access to the VRE is moderated by the VRE manager. To request access, register through the BlueBRIDGE Gateway;
  • private VREs: these VREs are customised for specific users that decide not to make them public and therefore not accessible by external users. If you are interested in setting up a similar VRE, please contact us at

How to access the BlueBRIDGE VREs?

The BlueBRIDGE Gateway is the unique access point for the BlueBRIDGE VREs. Click here to register to the BlueBRIDGE Gateway and get access to the VRE you are interested in. Remember that the VRE creator can decide what policy access apply to the VRE, therefore there will be some VREs that you won't be able to access. In that case you can read the description of the VRE and if you are interested in setting up a similar environment, you just need to contact us at