The innovative data services delivered by BlueBRIDGE supports the data management workflows both of public and private organisations. In particular, the technologies developed by BlueBRIDGE cover the following aspects:

  • Data Analytics Framework: Ready-to-use analytics dashboard to execute a rich and open array of methods (e.g. data clustering, time series analysis, species distribution modeling) to crunch datasets. The data analytics framework functionalities support the production of research objects compliant with open science practices and allow scientists to upload their analytics methods (e.g. R and Phyton scripts) with very minor adaptations.
  • Data Discovery, Access, and Integration Framework to seamlessly discover, access, and repackage a rich array of datasets (e.g. tabular, geospatial, biodiversity datasets) that are spread across heterogeneous data providers.

  • Data Publishing Framework to enact the publication of research objects compliant with open science practices (e.g. enabling validation, repeatability and reuse, and documenting attribution, trustworthy, and uncertainty).

Given their agnostic nature, these data management services can be adopted by public and private organisations in different domains.

In BlueBRIDGE, the main focus is on the Blue Growth sector.

BlueBRIDGE serving private companies, including SMEs

The BlueBRIDGE offer includes the delivery of data services to support the collaborative production of scientific knowledge required for monitoring fisheries and habitat degradation, for analysing socio-economic performance in aquaculture and services, and for the efficient identification of strategic locations of interest that meet multifactor selection criteria. 

Aquafarming enterprises can benefit from BlueBRIDGE by joining the pool of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) already involved in the project to test and use the BlueBRIDGE aquaculture services.

On the other side, ICT companies serving the aquaculture sector have the opportunity to expand their customer portfolio or meet new customer requirements that today they cannot satisfy, by simply adopting the BlueBRIDGE services.



BlueBRIDGE serving international organisations

The services developed by BlueBRIDGE support decision-makers involved in the ecosystem approach to fisheries by facilitating the knowledge production chain from the initial phases of data collection, through to aggregation, analysis, and the production of indicators for competent authorities and investors. International organisations such as the Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nations (FAO) and the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) are only a couple of examples of international organisations that are already using BlueBRIDGE services to support their various processes (ie. stock assessment process).



What's the added value of BlueBRIDGE?

The added value of BlueBRIDGE lies in its consortium of partners and in its underlying technology.

The BlueBRIDGE consortium brings together scientists, practitioners, and experts from different disciplines (e.g. fisheries, biology, economics, statistics, environment, etc) who are individually considered as world leaders in their respective areas. In addition, seven of the fourteen partners are private companies specialising in aquaculture and fisheries management. This makes BlueBRIDGE a unique knowledge hub at the disposal of aquaculture enterprises. 

The second key aspect is the technology: the knowledge production chain, from the initial phases of data collection through to aggregation, analysis, and the production of indicators, is at the foundation of the two aforementioned aquaculture services. This knowledge production chain is simplified by the infrastructure underlying BlueBRIDGE, the so-called D4Science infrastructure. D4Science can be considered a unique place where data, computing resources, and services are merged together and are at the disposal of communities that can build specific applications to solve their needs. To demonstrate some of the numbers, D4Science today counts over 2000 users, integrates more than 50 repositories, executes around 20,000 models & algorithms per month, and provides access to over a billion records in repositories worldwide, with 99,7% service availability.

Can you imagine how much this would cost if your organisation were to build it from scratch?

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