BlueBRIDGE Survey results now available on Zenodo


BlueBRIDGE survey results on over 200 member of the French Business and Sea Innovation Cluster, the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, are now available on Zenodo, the research data repository created by OpenAIRE and CERN.

Innovative IT solutions to support Data needs for Blue Growth – Google and iMarine examples


During COFI 2016 a side event on innovative IT solutions to support Data needs for Blue Growth took place. This side event presented partnerships and IT strategies of FAO to support informed decision-making for social, economic and environmental sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture.

What are the main data management challenges for the blue growth sector? Can research support businesses? All the answers in our survey report


BlueBRIDGE aims to deliver tailor made data management services to different communities (aquaculture, ecosystem approach to fisheries and education) and stakeholders (international organisations, research centres, enterprises, etc). What are the challenges faced by these communities in the field of data management? Is there a demand for the services designed by BlueBRIDGE? Are there any gaps in the market of data management services for the marine and aquaculture sector that BlueBRIDGE can fill? Can the BlueBRIDGE innovative technologies support education? We have asked these questions to the members of the French Business and Sea Innovation Cluster, the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, through an online survey.

Over 200 responses have been collected and today we would like to share the results with you!

BlueBRIDGE featured in ERCIM News No. 105


The latest BlueBRIDGE article "How Science can Improve Marine Ecosystem Predictions: the BlueBRIDGE Case" has been featured in the ERCIM news No 105! 

The Article looks into how BlueBRIDGE can support the process of Ecopath with Ecosim food web models creation by making available for Ecopath a seamless access to different species, fisheries and environmental data sources.