BlueBRIDGE’s diary 2018: Join us at these events and webinars!

The new year is underway and BlueBRIDGE's diary is already brimming.
Join us at the following events and webinars!

How the pufferfish is spread in the Med Sea? Where can you find giant squids? How climate change is impacting Ice Concentration? Discover all the answers in this newsletter

Pufferfish are invading the Eastern Mediterranean: BlueBRIDGE enabled scientists and the public to discover this phenomenon. Hundreds of new alien species have been encountered in the coastal environments of the Mediterranean Sea over past decades, including the poisonous pufferfish Lagocephalus sceleratus. This invasive fish is native to the Pacific and Indian Ocean, and to the Red Sea, from where it likely migrated via the Suez Canal and rapidly invaded the...

Attending DI4R? Join our session on thematic EOSC today @2pm. Working in the aquaculture and MSP sectors? Watch our latest webinars

Be sure to join the DI4R session organised by BlueBRIDGE entitled "Pioneering EOSC thematic domains: the Blue Growth case and beyond", 30 November 2017, @2 pm CET, room 201 A/B. This session will provide an overview as to how a set of pioneering initiatives are already putting the vision of the thematic EOSC into practice across different domains. It will address aspects of federation, networking and coordination of RIs with a view to improving the services provided to research communities and increasing cooperation, sharing and reusability across them...

New web app on seafloor features in Marine Protected Areas - WEBINAR

The Protected Area Impact Maps Virtual Research Environment (PAIM VRE) provides the user with tools to visualize, analyze and report on a range of ecologically important seafloor features within marine protected areas - a key component of Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP). The interface is built around an interactive map viewer that provides visualization of a range seafloor features. The interface assists users in understanding which seafloor features occur in an area and how these are currently represented in marine protected areas. This information can be used to prioritize future planning of protected areas to include seafloor features which are poorly represented...

Science fueling the growth of European private companies: Meet the winners of the BlueBRIDGE Competitive Call for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Europe's economy. In the past five years, they have created around 85% of new jobs and provided two-thirds of the total private sector employment in the EU. The European Commission considers SMEs and entrepreneurship as key to ensuring economic growth, innovation, job creation, and social integration in the EU. The H2020 BlueBRIDGE project shares the commitment and for this reason it launched its Competitive Call for SMEs designed to support small and medium enterprises in improving their data management practices thus paving the way for enhanced data products and services.

Find out the main outcomes of the RDA Europe-BlueBRIDGE Datathon! Did you miss the April workshop on FAIR data catalogue? The report is out!

The 15th and 16th  of June, more than 70 data enthusiasts came to the RDA Europe-BlueBRIDGE datathon on fisheries and aquaculture, in Heraklion, Crete. Discover the outputs, the presentations, the datasets and the winners of the datathon!
Did you miss the BlueBRIDGE Workshop “FAIR friendly research data catalogue: how far are we”?
We got it covered for you. Find out the main outcomes of the event and interesting insights on how the EOSC catalogue facility can be implemented.

BlueBRIDGE Webinar "Semantic Integration of Marine Data": presentation & recording

Thank you for having attended the BlueBRIDGE webinar “Semantic Integration of Marine Data” on June 28, 2017. In case you missed the live webinar, you can still take the most out of this event as the material is available below.

Join the BlueBRIDGE free webinar "Semantic integration of marine data", 28 June 2017, 11:10 am CEST

Data scientists, researchers, engineers and users are invited to join the free webinar "Semantic integration of marine data", taking place the 28th of June at 11:10 AM CEST. The webinar is presented by Professor Yannis Tzitzikas, Associate Professor of Information Systems in the Computer Science Dep. at University of Crete and Affiliated Researcher of the Information Systems Laboratory at FORTH-ICS. 

Join the RDA Europe-BlueBRIDGE Datathon on fisheries & aquaculture, 15-16 June, Heraklion

The Datathon on fisheries and aquaculture jointly organised by RDA Europe and BlueBRIDGE is taking place from 15 to 16 June in in Heraklion, Greece.

Register now to our free webinar!

Scientists, researchers and users are invited to join the free webinar "Using e-infrastructures for biodiversity conservation", tomorrow (30 May) at 11:00 AM CEST, presented by Gianpaolo Coro (CNR).